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Technofenz was founded in may 2013 Since then, we have published high-quality articles related to Linux and Open Source Applications. Our articles have been appreciated by our valuable readers. Moving forward, this would be the ideal time to initiate our diversified services which may help our readers and clients. We would like to extend our technical expertise in this field to achieve your goals with ease. We assure our customer with highest quality of services and affordable price. We also provide 24/7 customers and technical support by our qualified team.
Our Managed Services

  •     LAMP setup and maintenance, fine tuning and performance optimizations.
  •     Linux Web Hosting and migration
  •     WordPress & Joomla hosting and migration
  •     Mail Server Solution & maintenance (Postfix, Sendmail)
  •     Linux Server Hardening and Securities
  •     LMD (Linux Malware Detection) & Protection
  •     Free Linux Hosting (Condition Apply*)
  •     Website deployment and migration in PHP & MySQL
  •     MySQL replication Setup.
  •     Installation and maintenance of IPTABLES, DNS, DHCP, Prox, Samba and NFS.
  •     Backup solution
  •     Linux Video Streaming
  •     LVM Solution
  •     Installation of Free Control Panels like Webmin, Zpanel, EHCP and Paid control panel CPanel and Plesk.
  •     We’ll also provide support for custom application if any.

To cater above solutions, please drop a mail at baburhce@linuxmail.org


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